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A list of affiliate networks I worked with

An affiliate network is like a short cut to find products to promote as described in the previous post. The reason I delayed this list is to assure on the concept of “the market comes first”. Always start with finding the market then find the product it needs. Never get emotionally attached to a product/offer. It’s a business. Find people who will buy from you then find them something to buy.

Below is a list of affiliate networks (some are also known as CPA, or Commission Per Action networks) that I worked with and currently am/used to be happy with my affiliate managers. I excluded from this list all of those that I had serious problems with.

As you already know, I am an affiliate marketer, and those are my affiliate links to the affiliate networks (yes, I get commission on your earnings from most of the following networks).

Click Bank of course: Only digital/downloadable products. Is a corporate-structured network and a very trusted name in the industry. Owned and operated by a marketer celebrity; Mike Filsaime. Is a good alternative to clickbank and has an efficient customer support in place.

Commission Junction: The highest Alexa rank among all affiliate networks. Physical products. You get a low commission but are very likely to make it up with volume. It is a trusted name, and you can capitalize on it.

The rest are not easy to join. There is a screening process, and interview, and some require referrals you worked with before. It doesn’t hurt to try, but it’s not the end of the world if you get rejected. Practice with the above two until you build a solid affiliate marketing history.

The reason it is hard to join CPA networks is that they deal with fraud more than any thing else. So … to stay in business and to protect their reputation and their clients they tend to reject applications to stay as clean as possible.

AsSeenOnPC: Mainly physical products, like those featured on infomercials.

Clickbooth: One of the oldest CPA networks, operated by IntegraClick.

COPEAC: One of the biggest CPA networks.

Neverblue: One of the biggest names in the CPA world.

ROI Rocket: The most friendly CPA network I ever worked with.

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Affilaite Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 101: Product Research

Now that you have the thirsty market that is ready to absorb your products, it’s time to find those products. And to do this there is nothing easier than going to Google and┬ásearching for the features of the product. On the site of the product if there is an affiliate program in place you’ll find an “Affiliates”┬álink, mostly at the bottom of the home page. If you can’t find any, there are affiliate networks that list most of the affiliate programs out there. Join some of those networks and search their list of affiliate programs.

Take note of all of the products that you’ve found. This is your starting list. Now set down and open the landing pages of all of these products in internet browsers (or tabs) at the same time and look for the following:

The header: Does it communicate reasoning or emotions? Exclude all of those that communicate reasoning, because emotions sell more. Does it have benefits (not features) in the headline text? If yes short-list it for the next screening.

The theme: A successful web designer will make sure his design appeals to the target sector of the community. If, for example, you know your audience is women, then the theme of the landing page should appeal to women. How to know? Ask a woman.

What if you don’t know your audience?

That’s easy. Ask Copy the url of the landing page and paste it in quantcast, hit enter and you’ll know the gender, age, education, and the level of income of the audience of this site. If the site returns no data it means it hasn’t been around long enough. In that case check the demographics of another authority site related to what you are trying to sell.

Check for bullets: Do they list features or benefits? Again, go for the benefits.

The call to action: Is the call to action clear and can not be missed? This is what you want. You don’t want to spend hours of your life and heard-earned money sending traffic to your affiliate link just to get confused and leave without taking action.

Is there an opt in form? Perfect, it means there will be a follow up with a fraction of the traffic that didn’t buy.

Are there any ads of any kind? Run away. It means it is not converting for them and advertising on the site is how they are trying to monetize their traffic. Not good for you.

You’ll need at least two products to start because you’ll send half of the traffic that you’ll generate to each one, compare their conversion, then send 90% of your traffic to the winning one. The other 10% will be for testing other products.

Now this step is optional, but it helps you live the culture of your audience: buy the product and try it yourself if possible, or have it reviewed by someone who belongs to the culture of your audience. (If it is about babies, for example, and you don’t have one, pass it to your friend who’s got a new born as a gift, then later ask about their experience with that gift).

In the next article I’ll write about the different methods of promotions, the pros and cons of each one, and my recommendation.

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