Welcome to Marketing Online 101.

This website is dedicated to explaining online marketing for entry level marketers. There are basics that new marketers should grasp first before they start learning about the tricks and ninja techniques that advanced marketers are using to generate revenue like a clock work.

This site is devided into pages and blog posts. Each of the pages is explaining a certain piece of the marketing puzzle. The blog posts are in the “free training” section and they are specialized so far in affiliate marketing and list building.

The purpose of the free training is to help new marketers practice marketing on their own pace. As an affiliate marketer you get to focus only on the marketing stuff and clear your mind from product creating, client, customers, customer service, technical support, after sale issues … etc. All what you need to do is to market something and make money while practicing.

After you get to master at least one marketing technique you can start offering your marketing services to local businesses, where you’ll be more result oriented, more focused, bound by deadlines and results … etc. Non of this exists if you only do affiliate marketing. As an affiliate you have no one to answer to except yourself, and you’ll have more freedom to experiment with techniques and copies. Overall it’s less stressful because you’re only dealing with yourself and a merchant who need your service with no accountability in terms of achievement. That’s why affiliate marketing is the best way to start training on marketing online.

Marketing online is a puzzle. Once you have all the pieces you’ll have a beautiful picture that you can reproduce with ease and comfort in any environment (market, niche … etc). This puzzle is composed of the following pieces:

1. Markets: Those are crowds of people who have similar interests that you want to target with your marketing campaigns. Those interests could be something they want to buy (fans, hubbies, parts, gadgets … etc.), a problem they need to solve (social, self improvement, adaptation … etc.), or a demography that are prone to certain habits (e.g. 18-21 Afro-American girls interested in the hip-hop culture are prone to buy fan T-shirts and accessories).

2. Media: The Internet is like any other medium of mass communication witnessed by humanity in the past century, like press, radio, and TV. The difference is that on the Internet the customers get to say their word on it spreads easily on this medium. Blogs, social networks, and forums are places where you can find those markets of interactive consumers. Also there are search engines and the benefit of satisfying the consumer by answering their questions prior to their purchase decision.

3. Your message: Your ads, websites, landing pages, videos, audios, and any thing you get to say to the consumer before they buy the product is your chance to deliver the message you want in order to influence their purchase decision. Your message can be as short as a 75 character text ad, as big as a several chapters ebook, any thing in between, or all in one system. Depending on the market (interests, demographics, urgency of the solution required) you can tailor your message to deliver it efficiently.

So in order to master marketing online you need to learn how to do the market research so that you target your most desired market precisely, how to reach this market through all suitable media, and how to deliver your message in the form of high compelling ads (text, audio, and video), converting landing pages, and user friendly websites.

The pages in the to navigation menu are devoted to do just that. Of course there is room for improvement upon the feedback we receive from our valued site visitors. There is also free training on affiliate marketing and list building in the “free training” area, which is our blog where we post training series and articles related to the topic of marketing online.

There is also a set of pages devoted to reviewing related products in the market. One of the most popular pages on this website is “my online income system review“, although I personally prefer “One Week Marketing” and the nice lady behind it.

We apprecite your visit and we hope you get to benefit from our site the most. As a thank you gift for visiting our site we are giving you for free a copy of the revised 48-hours affiliate cash machine. It’s an affiliate marketing plan that  could be carried out in a weekend. Please use the form below to send the 48-hours affiliate cash machine ebook to your email. We’ll be using the email you provide for sending you the download instructions and any future updates, in addition to any news or updates in the market that need your immediate attention.

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