Every week I get introduced to at least one new course or info product that deals with how to make money online with a generous affiliate program attached to it. If you have been following my newsletter or my emails, you’ll know that I am not that kind of people who bombards his readers with all sorts of new products.

The reason I don’t do that, despite the fact that this what I am building my list for, is that I don’t recommend anything and take responsibility about it unless I can use it myself and make it work. Most of those products come in a “launch” and “pre-launch” phase so that I can only skim through the material before I write to you about it. So if I it is using a strategy or a technique I haven’t used before I can’t really tell whether it should work or not.

So, on this group of sub-pages I’ll be reviewing some of the established courses around. Of course you are welcome to stick around and learn from me directly on this blog and my other websites. But if you are thinking of a short cut of any kind (which is a good idea because your time is worth tons more than the few bucks you’ll spend on those short cuts), you can pick one, or some that complement each other, of the reviewed courses.

One advantage you’ll have over your competition who will buy these courses somewhere else, is that you can come back to me with your questions if you don’t get an answer from the author(s) or the support team(s) of the courses you’ll purchase. That’s because I only recommend what I use. That makes me able to help you with my own experience.

Enjoy your reading 🙂

  1. One Week Marketing Plan 
  2. My Online Income System
  3. Insiders HQ
  4. Excel Cash Flow

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