One Week Marketing Plan Review

Update Aug. 15th., 2014: One week marketing had been a really good training, until today when the main site used to build the campaigns announced merging with another site and closing their doors. Today One Week Marketing is no longer valid to make you money online until the amazing author Jennifer Ledbetter comes up with a new update to fit with the new changes. Until this happens you can download 89 video-course explaining how to make money online with no investment by clicking here.

One Week Marketing is a guide on how to make money on the Internet by using only the free services and tools available. I bought this product back on Mar. 2009, and I have applied it and used it over and over and I believe I have enough experience with one week marketing to give an outstanding review about it.


First the all new one week marketing is now a membership site. It comes in  6 modules that are really easy to follow and apply. In the membership area you also get original one week marketing downloadable files. The modules really take a beginner from no where all the way up to building a full time income. This is not an exageration, but please differenciate someone who wants to build a business from an affiliate who wants to just make some sales. To just make sales follow the steps outlined in the guide. To build a business you’ll need to transform the winning campaigns into professional ones like what I described on this website in the free training articles.

I have been recommending this training to everyone on the forums without using my affiliate link. I just love it because it works for me and makes me 100% free money every single month without me lifting a finger. This 100% free income stream is enough to put food on the table for my family so even if I screw up my business I still have one week marketing campaigns running from 2009 and making me more money the older they get.

In the modules you’ll get a more simplified method than the original (which is by the way the same modification I made to this method to fit with my laziness). You’ll also get some high level modules and some training by two guys one of them had simplified it even further. You also get action plans and daily activities charts to use so that you keep on track.

The old one week marketing plan:

The the original guide (included with the new one) comes in 5 components + an upgrade: the guide itself, a mind map, an action plan, a check list, and a conversation with Nick (a case study where the author helps a student through the process). When I say the material is well written I don’t mean it in a Shakespearean way. It is well written in a sense that every one can read and understand what is written as if she’s sitting with you in the room.

The Guide describes the process of building a campaign in one-week’s time starting from scratch and with no money, which is good because it opens the door for every one to make money online regardless of how much the budget is. With each step there is a detailed description of how to do it and illustrated with diagrams and screen shots.

The mind map summarizes the whole process in a diagram to help you focus and not omit any of the necessary steps.

The action plan is a file that you can use for applying the guide for each campaign so that you have a documentation for what you did in each campaign. It goes like this: Day 1: do this and this and that, and you have a space to write down what you have done. This way you have a reference to go back to in case you need to tweak your campaign a way or another. It also helps you stay focused.

The checklist is, well.. a checklist, again so that after you finish a campaign you can make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Conversation with nick is a case study, where Jennifer (the author) guides Nick (a guy from a forum) who started applying her instructions and she helped him fine tune his campaign so that it became profitable even before the campaign was all done.


Before I get to the evaluation I’d like you to know that after I bought the old one week marketing and went through it, I started applying it on two test campaigns. One of the campaigns was 15% complete, and the other one was just a squidoo lens with a couple of back links to it. At the time of writing this article (April 2010) those unfinished campaigns are still unfinished and are both making me money. Together they made me a bit over $150 in a year’s time. Imagine of those campaigns were 100% complete. Imagine also how would you be making if you have 10, 20, or 30 of those campaigns?

Since I already have a business to run I didn’t have time to finish those or expand on that business model. So they’ll stay as they are until further notice.

Also, I have to mention here that I started two more campaigns (and never finished) almost a year ago that made me nothing so far. It could be because I didn’t finish them or because they need some more tweaking.

Update March 2012: One of the unfinished-unproductive campaigns got deleted from squidoo due to some political issues, so I copied and pasted it somewhere else (still for free) and made the necessary changes in about 10 minutes. This campaign made me $78 last month and $44 this month so far. So it works and I think it’s worth finishing.

Update Oct. 2012: After I completed (well .. sort’v :-)) the two campaigns that made me nothing for over a year (mentioned above) I am generating from them combined over $200/monthly, and that’s for the past 4 months. I also did some more work on the other two productive campaigns and now my earnings from the 5 campaigns that I ever made so far are enough to feed my family.

This method has a huge potential and if I am to restart from zero this is my way to go.

Overall, One Week Marketing is a great product. The basics are covered, the methods are proven to work time and time again, and the plan is crystal clear. You can’t buy it and get lost because you don’t understand it or because it’s too hard to apply.

Still this training is not for every one. The main activity you’ll be doing applying one week marketing is to write, keep writing, and do some more writing.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a great writer in order to benefit from the guide. If you can write an email to someone in English, then you qualify.

The course doesn’t cover how to pick a good niche to do your marketing around. It helps you in choosing the product though.

So, if you use my website for help in market research, combine that with one-week-marketing and you are good to go.

One great advantage that one week marketing has over the competition is that unlike most of the “make money online” products Jennifer (the author) is a real person. You get to email her and she will reply back, see her videos on her website, and she floods her readers with free information and guides that are worth several times what you paid for the course.


One thing is that it involves a lot of writing as mentioned above. But there is one more thing to keep in mind if you want to build a business.

One week marketing is a good method to make money online, but not to build a business. The author acknowledges that in the guide. She says that this is how to start, and once you find a profitable campaign that deserves to be expanded upon you should start investing some of your earnings in building a business around it.

A business can only be built on what you can control. Your website, your paid traffic … etc. Anything that you get for free is good to use but not good to build a business around it simply because you don’t control it. You can only cantrol what you pay for and own.

This is mandatory if you want to keep making this sort of free money. One of my best campaigns got deleted in Sept. 2012. But because I know what it takes to get it up and running on my own domain, and because I know it’s worth it I registered a new domain for it and transferred my contents to the new blog. It’s going to take it longer to rank then with Jennifer’s methods, but I know what to rank for so that I don’t waste my time with unnecessary SEO activities.

A third draw back is that recently the free web pages used in this marketing technique do not allow any more weight loss, auto insurance, alternative medicine, getting ex back, enlarging anything, disfunction of you know what, any pills, or any thing that google would consider spammy. On the bright side, those niches were almost impossible to access through this free method anyway.


If you have no money to start, can write an email in English, and can take at least 10 hours of your time every week to work on your one-week-marketing projects, then go for it.

==>A comparable training uses a different free platform and costs 10% of one week marketing