The Truth About Debbie Jones and Excel Cash Flow

Debbie Jones Excel Cash FlowThere is an ad for a work-from-home business opportunity that has been going on for a while. The name of the program is Excel Cash Flow.

I have been around long enough to tell you what it is without looking any further than the landing page. But to make sure I don’t miss anything I went further through just to be fair.

The business opportunity offered by Excel Cash Flow program is advertised as “link posting job”. If you’re new you’d believe that it is a real job and that you get paid a salary or hourly fee for the tasks of posting links for “big companies”.

The truth is that it is affiliate marketing. The “big companies” like and (through Link Share; a third party) and many others offer commission per sale you generate for them. And to track that sale to you they give you a tracking link with a cookie and a pixel that fires when a sale takes place through that link and consequently credit you the agreed upon commission.

So it’s not a job. It’s a commission based kind of work known for years as affiliate marketing.

I am a proud affiliate marketer and I can tell you affiliate marketing is GREAT!

Back to Debbie Jones.

Debbie Jones as a TV character doesn’t exist. And I highly suspect that there’s any Debbies at all involved in this program.

The “Theresa Andrews” from the related advertorial (news-like website) also doesn’t exist.

The promise of making $15 per link and the whole income calculation thingy they came up with on the site is not standard and those results are not typical. I am surprised the FTC is ok with it.

The truth is: the commission value that you will earn per link varies based on the product, the company, the agreed upon commission percentage, the target market, the season, and a lot of many other factors.

Most importantly, you’ll make zero money if no one sees your link, clicks on it, and makes the purchase that will make you commission.

So far the product is not worth a penny. But that’s not it.

From my personal experience with affiliate marketing, I have not seen the serious money I am making right now as an affiliate affiliate until I went through a training called “One Week Marketing” by Jennifer Ledbetter (this one is a real person and we’re friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and exchange emails in some occasions).

Too bad that this training is now neither available nor relevant to these days. But back in 2008 it was an eye opener and I am grateful I got a copy.

Back to Debbie Jones 🙂

Away from the hype on the sales page, the sneaky promotional methods, and the ghost Debbie Jones, the only positive about this training is the fact that it provides you with the training on how to get those links and where to post them for maximum exposure. This alone is worth the tag price.

Affiliate marketing works. It pays my rent and bills. The training is worth it if you buy it knowing that you have to work long hours before you can see any serious money out of it (opposite to what is stated and implied on the sales page). And it comes with a money back guarantee, so it’s risk free.

Honestly I don’t know for sure about the money back guarantee. I mean I didn’t ask for a refund to test them, but based on a quick search I haven’t come across a complaint related to the refund (all about the hyped up sales page and their income).

There are other affiliate marketing training programs around that are upfront clear about their promises, but this one is not bad. It works, if you want it get it.

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