Landing Page

The landing page is the page where your customers will go after they click through your ad. The job of the landing page is to convince the visitors to buy whatever you are selling. In this page you’ll learn about the elements of a converting landing page so that you get the best results from the traffic, also referred to as conversion.

There are different schools and types of landing pages, but there are some common elements that should be available in any landing page to functional.

1. Headline: The headline should do two things; grab the attention of the reader and touch a nerve. Grabbing the attention should be done both by the copy (the wording of the headline) and by being clear and obvious that the eye can not miss it. A large size and a color that contrasts with the background should do the obviousness. Touching the nerve should be by something that your visitors want really bad. For instance if you are giving away a video course the word “FREE” should be even more obvious than the rest of the headline because it touches the greed nerve in your visitors minds.

2. Sub-headline: A sub-headline is always smaller and in a different color than the headline. The job of the sub-headline is to induce the curiosity of the readers to read even more of your landing page content or watch the video if you have one on the landing page. Note that even if you have a video you still need the headline and the sub-headline. The video might take some time before it loads depending on the connection your readers are using, so you don’t want them to land on a blank page and wait for the video, they’ll just hit the back button and you lose your advertising money. The text will keep them around long enough for the video to load.

3. The detailed message: Usually this is where you’ll tell your visitors what you are selling, what it will do to them, and how they’ll get it, and how much they will pay for it. You can do that in the form of small paragraphs and bullet points, or in the form of a video in which you deliver your message yourself, or both. Depending on your audience you need to focus on what works. For example, if your target customers are other business owners then you need to show all the features that your product will do for them. On the other hand, if you are targeting parents then you should focus on the benefits that your product will deliver and how it will change their or their kids’ lives.

4. A clear call to action: A big obvious button that says: Click Here to Buy, or Add to cart, or whatever you want them to do is all what you need. Make it distinct from the rest of the text if you don’t have a button and surround it with an obvious unmistakable box.

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