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Update: The system was taken down from clickbank and right now the domain is for sale. If you are into this kind of money making systems using free Internet sites and tools then check hubpages fastlane (costs way less than my online income system)

Another Update: Obviously there is more than one vendor selling “my online income system” course and from the looks of it they might be different at least in the sales process and pricing. The one I reviewed here on this page is the one you can see if you click on the image to the left. It’s my affiliate link too. Other copies I have no idea about them, they could be the same or totally different.

My online income system at the time of writing this review is a 4 year old “earn on line” course that is supposed to help people make enough money online to quit their jobs and get the time and financial freedom of their dreams.

The product has been reviewed before and the feed back was either positive (from affiliates who are promoting it) or negative (people who couldn’t make it work for them).

So I decided to buy it and review it from inside myself. Here is what I found:


The course comes in two forms: stationary and interactive. The stationary forms are ebooks that explain the strategies the author (referred to as Kimberly Hoffman in the course) uses to make money online. The ebooks are easy to understand, and although they have been written in 2008 (in the version that I bought) most of the information in those ebooks are still current.

The other part, which is the most important part of this course, is the action plan. The plan covers what you should do to make money with the system over 60 days.

Within a month from your purchase you’ll be contacted by someone from the company and will try to upsell you to a coaching program. I don’t know about you but most of the questions I didn’t feel comfortable answering. Besides, I’ve got the best mentors in the industry and didn’t need any more coaching.

A couple of days later I got contacted by someone promoting a pyramid scheme! It might be a coincident, and it could also mean that they sold my contact info to a lead company.

The other thing that you must keep in mind while making the purchase decision is that the $450/day thing is hyped up. I used those techniques in the past and am still making money from the work I did back then, but there is no way these techniques will make me $450/day unless I am not doing anything else and have no personal life. Even then I doubt it. There are other ways to make way more than that every single day, but not with the techniques mentioned in My Online Income System.



The course is meant for beginners. If you are a bit advanced you still could get some new tricks, but most of the course will be old news for you. I finished reading through the material in 3 days, and from what I saw the strategies used in this course are all white hat, proven over time to work, and could cost you only your time before you start seeing money if you apply them.

The course deals mostly with affiliate marketing. In my opinion My Online Income System is an excellent start point for learning affiliate marketing.

So in general My Online Income System is a good deal for beginners, especially that it costs $17 to get full access to the course. There is a one time offer after you make the payment, and from what I saw it is worth it because it is supposed to save you time trying to find a lucrative niche. The upgrade provides those niches for you.


If you are just starting, and had never made a penny online, and would like someone to take you buy hand and tells you what to do in a step by step fashion, and if you are too lazy (or just don’t want to waste your time figuring things out) to go through the material on this site and on my other sites and come up with an action plan of your own, then go ahead and buy it. It costs only $17 to get the basic course.

For the upsell, I personally am not a big fan of coaching from people who are hiding behind a pin name and I can’t get hold of. Mike Filsaime used to have a coaching program at a very reasonable price compared to this one, and it’s worth it. At least I know who is Mike Filsaime.

And to avoid getting the annoying phone calls and emails, if I go back in time I would use a phone number that I don’t use anymore, like an online voice mail service. Netzero used to offer the service for free. Now I use my SkypeIn number as my business number.

One word of caution though: Despite the fact that My Online Income system works, it’s really hard work and involves a lot of writing. So if you are not into writing then this is not for you. You must know though that there is no such a thing as free lunch. If you’re not going to work you wont make any money, period.

I know people who buy course after course, and read them, then buy new ones that come out with the latest sales letters/videos without applying what they’ve learned. And that’s why they are not making any money. To make money you need to do something that makes you money. For example, in My Online Income System you learn how to get review sites and how to drag traffic to those sites. If you don’t get the site or don’t do what it takes to get it seen by people, you’ll never make a penny.

So, if you buy My Online Income System, please put it to work and apply all what you learn from it before you start thinking about an upgrade or a new course. Make money first, then learn how to make more.

The last thing I want you to learn from this page is that My Online Income System is not the best product in the category and that it’s not going to make you wealthy. It’s a fare training though and you can make money while getting this training. No Cost Income Streams is a better product if you want detailed step by step videos, and it works as it is (I know this first hand). It costs around the same, so if you’re on a budget and that’s why you’re considering my online income system you’re covered.

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