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Insiders HQ is an 8 week training program for affiliates offered by Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour. The program is divided into two separate training courses going simultaneously, with one module of each being available every week. The two courses are:

1. Business Building:

It covers how to plan your websites strategically so that they work for you instead of you working for them. It teaches how to start a business while minimizing the failure chances, how to think long term, steps to take in order to build that business and make it profitable in the shortest time possible, and a lot of business building strategies that every one who wants to generate a reliable income from affiliate marketing needs to know and implement.

The course is not just theories that you need to try on your own. It includes what to do exactly even before you buy the domain. It’s the vision and the implementation at the same time that are being practiced by top clickbank affiliates like Amil Paz from PPC Bully. Actually Amil is a student of Ran Aroussi, the instructor of this business building course.

This course is what I personally would go and sign up for if it was available 4 years ago. It would have saved me a ton of frustration and failures.

2. Traffic Generation:

After you build a website that’s well planned and is ready to make you long term income, you need to bring people to see it before it starts making you money. In this course Phil Mansour covers every way known to bring PAID traffic to your site. It includes what you need to know in order to make good money with affiliate marketing generating traffic from sources like PPC, CPV, facebook, media buys (Phil is a media buying master by the way), and even direct mail.

According to Phil, he used to think that media buys are the most profitable sources of traffic, until he learned about direct mail. Now he is offering you to learn how to work offline to generate traffic for your online business.

Why should you trust Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour?

Honestly this is the first time I deal with Ran. We’ve been twitter friends for over a year now, but this is the first time I see a product of his own in the market.

But I know Phil Mansour from other training courses that he released during 2010 that showed his mastery of media buys techniques.

This is not enough to trust them right?

I do agree. So here is why I believe Mansour is telling the truth and is the right deal:

In the free videos about the case study (where Ran built a website for a simple affiliate business and Phil set it the traffic from CPV and banners), two things made me believe these guys:

1. When Phil was showing the revenue within his ClickBank account, he first showed that this ClickBank account doesn’t have any products of Phil’s in it. If you are on my list you must have received my warning earlier this year about the numerous IM products that show ClickBank accounts with $100,000/days. Some of them forgot to cover the affiliate IDs, which show that there is more than affiliate generating revenue for this account, which also means that this revenue is not from affiliate commissions.

Phil showed clearly that this account doesn’t have any products of his at all, which means that all of the revenue showed in the videos IS truly from affiliate commission. He also showed clearly that this commission is from selling the product that they built the campaign for.

This honest if you ask me.

2. Almost all of the IM products that went live in 2010 give you 30 days or 5 weeks money back guarantee, while you don’t get full access to every thing until after 8 weeks. That’s wasn’t nice of them. So you had to wait until after your guarantee expired to realize that the product wasn’t for you.

Ran and Phil are giving 8 WEEKS money back guarantee. Which means you have until after you get the full 8 modules of the course if you think it’s not for you you can ask for a refund.

The Price:

This course is not cheap, and is not an ordinary course either. It costs $997 to get the full training. The whole amount is refundable within 60 days from your purchase, this is the “no risk” guarantee that they give you.

In my opinion, this price point is fair. I’ve seen trainings that came out recently (during 2010) that offered less than half of what the Insiders HQ offers and for double or triple this price, and only with 30 days money back guarantee that expires before you know whether it is good for you or not.

At the same time, this price will guarantee that only serious people, who also have the money to invest in buying traffic and outsourcing some of the tasks, are going to have access to this training.

No offense is meant to any body, but If you are not willing to invest in paid traffic, then this is not a for you. One Week Marketing and My Online Income System are designed for those who can not buy traffic, and still, if you stick specially to One Week Marketing I am sure you’ll do well. I know because I am still making money from One Week Marketing campaigns I started last year. And I mean good money here (like $50/month per one tenth of a campaign, imagine if it was complete or if I have built some more).

My Recommendation:

First I highly recommend this product for anyone who has been trying to make money with affiliate marketing and either failed and wants to succeed with affiliate marketing, or is making money but wants to transform his affiliate marketing efforts into a long term reliable business.

Two kinds of people are not going to benefit from the course though:

1. Total newbies. If you don’t know how to buy a domain, host it, build a wordpress blog, or what are PPC, CPV, Media buys … etc, this course is a bit too advanced for you. They cover these basics, but not in the details that a newbie needs. If you happen to be just starting please invest in Jennifer Ledbetter’s One Week Marketing guide, or My Online Income System. They are cheap and are designed for total newbies (no offense :-))

2. Those who don’t take action. You can not buy it and expect it to make you money. If you bought any of the above beginners courses and made no money with them, most probably Insiders HQ is not going to do you any good either. So, before you buy this course (and it isn’t cheap by the way) you need to make a commitment that you’ll devote at least 10 hours every week learning from the modules and implementing what you’ve learned. And never let the next module come out before you have fully mastered the modules you got before.

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