How to Succeed as a CPA Publisher

CPA (Commission Per Action) networks are networks that allow businesses to access a pool of experts in marketing to help them get more leads for their businesses. The other side of the coin, that’s for affiliate marketers, we get access to a pool of clients who need our service to market for their businesses and help them acquire more leads. As the name says we, the affiliates, earn our commission every time the desired actions takes place through our links (mostly lead generation, some times sales).

In plain English, bring in more leads to those businesses and earn more money. So our job as affiliates is to generate as many leads to those clients, and to gain the trust of as many clients as we possibly can handle.

Gaining the trust of a client means more business for us and more stability in our career as affiliate marketers. Cheating, on the other hand, means less business for all of us and the more the cheaters go on with their schemes the less business we’ll have access to in the future, and quite possibly the whole industry will come to an end.

Therefore, it’s our best interest as marketers to bring in the best leads we can qualify for our clients, period.

I came across several CPA training courses on forums and on some networks, and after I went through them I would highly advise against using any of those systems. The only thing that will happen is that the affiliate will make a quick buck for maybe a month or two (if at all, those methods get discovered by advertisers and those who use them get banned from the networks). Getting paid is another story. If the leads are mainly bad leads the advertiser is not going to pay and the network will not pay you, which makes it pointless to follow those schemes.

At the end of the day we want our career to cotinue growing so that we can have a stable life and pass our businesses to our kids after we retire or pass away, and following those schemes can only guarantee us the opposite.

Only two of those training courses made it through my personally set filters. The common theme between the two successful CPA training courses is that they prequalify the leads while convincing them that our client is the best match for them.

The method used by both of them is that you, the affiliate, will put your hands on the product or try the service you are considering to promote. Get a user experience then share it with your audience (list, followers, fans, blog readers … etc.).

This way you’ll know whether you have a winner or not (if the offer is all b.s. you don’t want to share it with anyone). Also you’ll have a clear idea of who will be happy with this product, then laser target your marketing efforts to reach only those.

A third advantage of this “user experience” approach is that you’ll know what you’re talking about, hence more credibility and more trust from your audience, translated into more cash in your account.

Of course there are offers that appeal to everybody, so you don’t need to try the product itself because you probably have a personal user experience with the whole industry that’s enough for you to prepare your marketing material and the customers will most probably be satisfied.

And this brings us to the second factor of success as a CPA publisher. The first is being personal, and the second is to tap into the big markets.

Furtunately the biggest industry around; the “travel” industry, has affiliate programs on some CPA networks like The travel industry is the $160 billion/year pool of cash that offers us the opportunity to take our share of this huge cake.

Also there’s a decent training on how to earn from this industry. Needless to say you should exercise some good judgement on the material. The training claims something like $200/day from a single website. While quite possible to achieve in this industry, it’s better to be realistic and understand that this is not going to be an overnight success.

The training is called CPA Tycoon Core Method.

The third component of success as a CPA publisher is to build your authority. Authority rules in this industry of affiliate marketing. For example if you are planning to be a successful CPA publisher in the field of fitness you’d better be a figure in the fitness industry.

This is easier than you think it is. Not convinced yet? Two words for you: Facebook, Youtube.

In this era of Internet you can be famous and popular first, then the TV will be seaking after you. In the past it was the other way around.

So if you are going after the fitness industry you can have your videos on youtube and share them on a fan page on facebook and you’re gold. I mean that literally. Building a fan base is easy with facebook ads, and putting your videos on youtube is a child play. Combine the two and you’ll have a “flood” of traffic to your video and your face will become more popular that the persident’s.

I am working on a training of my own, it will take some time to prepare and test with volunteers. Once that is in place I’ll announce it first to my list before it becomes available to the public. So make sure you join my list (find the opt in somewhere on this page).

Today’s recommendation: Loots4Leads.


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