Youtube Traffic

Since the beginning of my Internet marketing career back in 2006 I realized one thing: video converts. All things equal, video is the best way to deliver the message. A long sales page that can be read in 3 hours could be compressed in a 10 minutes video and get even better conversion.

As a marketer I use video to generate traffic towards my sales funnel. And the best way to get those videos in front of as many eyeballs as possible is to post it on youtube. There are other video sharing sites where I post my videos and get more traffic to my sites, but the vast majority of the views and clicks thru to my sites come from youtube.

And it’s not only me, all marketers agree with me on that youtube is the best video sharing site for marketing purposes.

What we differ about is what content should be in the video.

Some marketers preach, and teach in their 4-digit cost courses, that you can make something as simple as a power point presentation and capture it on video with your voice in the background, upload it to youtube and start promoting it.

And that my friend is the worst advice I ever got in my career as a marketer. Not only those videos get low views and conversions, but also they can get your videos and channel deleted, and your account closed.

Youtube is a video sharing site, which is as social as it can get. The only way for a video to get views and be promoted for you by being likeable and shareble. The views, likes, and shares generate more views and likes and shares until you qualify to upgrade to a youtube partner, which means more money from youtube itself regardless of the traffic you generate to your sites.

The social factor lies in the content of the video and how you make it. It all starts with the title. Two videos could have the same content, but one of them goes viral because its title is either funny or controversial and people think it’s cool to share with their social media friends. Everytime you get a happy viewer share your video on their facebook page or twitter you are on your way to make more money.

How to shoot/capture the video is another factor and it depends on the topic. I watched many powerpoint/voice videos that were really funny and  worth sharing, so it can be done with the simplest tools available. Also have a look at the private channels of some youtube starts. Most of their videos are commentaries done by themselves in front of their laptop or tablet camera on a topic that just hit the news and got viral, so they ride the wave and make views and money.

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