List Building 101: The Best Source of Traffic

To build a list you need to have a website, on which you have a lead capture form you (you got from an autoresponder) on what is called the “Landing Page”. This page is where you’ll be sending your visitors to see your offer and subscribe to your list in order to receive it.

Building a website, copy writing, and designing a landing page is not rocket science, but if you have the money to outsource it (or just out task it) go for it. The hours, or days, that you will spend on doing this is much better used in finding markets and designing list building machines … let someone else worry about the technical stuff.

Once you have a “list building machine” you need to start sending people to the landing page. Most of the time you’ll hear people, including myself, talking about PPC, banners, social media, SEO … etc. Those are great sources for the long run, but you want thousands of people to sign up to your list now, then add some more using the above sources of traffic.

Here is what the “gurus” do, and works like charm every time:

Joint venture with people who already have lists and give them a good percentage of what you are charging for entering your list (whether on the front or the back end).

To do that go to Google and search for your niche. You’ll find websites that have lead capture forms. This means they are building lists. Send them emails requesting a joint venture: they send their list emails about your offer and in return you give them 75-100% of the immediate revenue when they take action.

This way you’ll have an army of list owners sending you the most responsive people on their lists for free. You pay them the money that they will make you, and only when you get paid that money.

If you do it right, like having them create a buzz for you a week or two in advance before your site goes live, then let them all know in advance that the offer will be available in a specific time window … if you do it this way you’ll get flooded with new members signing up to your list in a matter of hours.

Owning this list, and managing it the right way (by building trust and emotional attachment with your subscribers) is your gate to have money knocking your door asking you to take it.

By owning a huge responsive list you get other webmasters and list builders to contact you and ask you to do just the same as you did to build your list. Do that in different niches, like one niche every month, and in one year you’ll have 12 virtual ATM machines that only cost you hosting and autoresponder fees.

How does that sound? Please share your thoughts and concerns by leaving a comment below.