The end of Squidoo

For years squidoo had been one of the important sources of traffic and direct affiliate commissions. I loved their platform, especially that despite the ads noise my affiliate links were being clicked and I was making sales.

Lately things changed, and the traffic that was going to my squidoo lenses suddenly dropped and slowly faded until the point that I neglected the whole thing. I stopped building any new lenses and even stopped logging in to check on the old ones.

Big G was playing against them. Once Big G’s favorite pet, now they are struggling to get any love, and a new player is now at the top: HubPages. Squidoo tried hard to get Big G’s love back. They changed the rules, locked lenses and accounts … but they just lost both Big G’s and their users love.

That was until I logged in my account on Aug. 15th, which was the day Squidoo announced their end and moving their contents to HubPages.

What do you know!

I had the feeling that something big would happen before the end of the year. I was just hoping it will happen after the end of the holidays season.

I know marketers who are making their living for the year during the holidays season through their squidoo lenses and Amazon associate accounts. I am confident they’ll find a way out, especially that now we have over a month to prepare. My sorrow is for the small start up marketers who rely solely on squidoo.

Any way, squidooers now have two options:

Either continue with the transfer and learn more about how to get the most mileage out of HubPages and hope for the best. They might buy a course or two to learn how to make it work for them in the short time left before the holidays shopping season.

In this case you might need this inexpensive course hub pages fast line.Hubpages instead of squidoo: Marketing Online 101

Or, they might let the transfer happen and HubPages take over while they learn something new to get an even bigger slice of the holidays spending season. And I mean a specific training on the warrior forum by Erica Stone, one of the most respected Pinterest experts when it comes to making affiliate commission.

She actually prepared a guide for how to use Pinterest to make money as an Amazon affiliate during the holidays season. How convenient!

You can check out her guide by clicking here.

What I will do is that I’ll let the transfer go, the lenses (now hubs) that promote click bank products or link to a site that does (yes, they are that nosy at hub pages) will go to my websites. I had enough of giving my content to third party sites that don’t appreciate it.

You too should do the same with your lenses. If you can buy a domain and hosting as cheap as $1.99/month by all means go for it and let those sites worry about their own content while you focus on getting traffic to your site and building your list. These two are your online business assets, nothing else compares to them.

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